Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Susie Reid my cards and artwork

Hello world,

I'm going try my best to start new and improved blog,about this and in life lessons.Plus will post 
some of my doodling art,than my greeting cards like to make.I also do some drawing here.
One more thing be sharing my stories of my life on this blog here. I'm survivor abuse left bad marriage
after 20 yrs of lot shit happen not change pass just move for ward here./
When I came into this world I was sick child hole in my heart two heart surgeries. I was sick lot when I was kid.
Then I grew up,my heart ok,now this of JAn3 posted that I have Parkinson now possibly like ten yrs here..
Lot has happen in pass two yrs for me.Share little by little on my new b
Start with this my logo I made for myself.My hobbies making my own greeting
cards here like ten yrs now.
log here.

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